Phreaking Wiki

The Beige Box

Well, the first box that I started with was the Beige box. It is a very simple box to make. All you need are:

A phone
A modular cord
2 alligator clips
A switch of some sort
Electrical tape

One thing that isn't necissary is a Soldering Iron and Solder (Well, two things actually, but they go together)

Building the Beige Box

Step 1
Cut one end off of the Modular cord, this will expose four wires. Don't worry, we only need to work with two.
Step 2
Peel the main insulation back about 6 inches and cut it off
Step 3
Strip the insulation off of the two inner wires (the red and green ones) this will expose the inner wire. 
Step 4
Cut the red (Ring) wire off about two and a half inches from the end
Step 5
Solder the Switch on the ends of the red wire. Wrap the solder points in Electrical Tape
Step 6
Attach the Alligator clips to the end of the wires [the red(ring) and green(tip)] Wrap in electrical tape.
Step 7
Pat yourself on the back. You Just made a Beige Box

Using the Beige Box

Go outside to your telephone box. Open it up with a screwdriver of a wrench or what ever you need to. You should see four bolts or posts that have wires leading to them.

Connect the modified end of the cord to the appropiate posts(Red to red, Green to green). Plug the unmodified end into the phone and pick up the reciever. If you hear a dial tone, mark the end of the switch that it is at "on". If you don't , Flip it the other way. If you still don't, Throw away your box right now and quit. YOu can now go to a neighbors box and make calls to China at their expense. just do it at night and don't get caught.